Wayne Salter Sheds Light on the Standard American Diet

Fitness absolutely has to do with what you do in the gym, lifting, running, powering through, but this week at BNE, we heard from Wayne Salter of Fit Body Boot Camp, about the effect our kitchen and our habit-forming has on our fitness.

Wayne brought our attention to some statistics and general information about what many of us are eating every day. Citing the book, The Power of Habit by  Charles Duhigg, we heard about replacing bad habits with positive behaviors that can lead to healthier lifestyles. We also hear about a book, The Dorito Effect about the problem of what is around us in the culture that leads us to make bad food choices. Wow, this meeting was like a seminar that people pay good money to go to.

This week, Wayne cemented himself as our local fitness guru. You can see some notes from his powerpoint HERE. Thank you very much, Wayne!

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