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Member Since: 2004

Although my job title is “Realtor”…”Broker”….my job is to solve the problems of other people and those problems or dilemmas are typically associated with the purchase, sale or maintenance of their home or property. So I help people sell or purchase homes, find plumbers and landscapers, recommend dentists and doctors for those new to our area, or simply provide lists and directions. This knowledge comes from years of work in the real estate world, including new construction and existing home sales and general relocation. I have been a member of Business Networking East since its early days and consider this group as my Think Tank. Whatever my question may be, there is someone within this group with an answer or directions to an answer.

I have lived in Pitt County since 1981 and have watched us triple in size… in our population, academic enrollment and medical/dental campus. In working with people considering a move to our area the phrases I hear most often are, “people are SO friendly”, “I can get anywhere in twenty minutes or less”, “everything I need is right here.” All of which is true….we are friendly, this is an easy place to live, AND we have a reasonable cost of living. What’s not to like?

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