James Barbour Counseling and Coaching

Have you seen the latest issue of Carolina Men? If so, you have seen our very own James Barbour on the cover. James is our resident resource for counseling and life coaching. This week in BNE, James expanded on some of the article content that he provided Carolina Men, and gave us a little insight on what it is he does in his line of work.

One common relationship dynamic that he sees play out recurringly is what he calls the “drama triangle.” In any given situation, when there is a conflict between people, there are roles that they fall into and switch between. These roles are the persecutor, rescuer, and victim. Focusing on psychological development and showing us where we get behavioral patterns in our decision making, James really showed us that he is someone very prepared to be a partner to those people asking some questions about their personal direction.

James can be reached at consult@jamesbarbour.com. Thank you, James!James Barbour

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